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The golden apple


Suzan Jackson

In Greek mythology, Atalanta was a woman who excelled at all sports. She was the fastest runner, the sharpest sharpshooter, a strong wrestler and a great huntress.

She was told by an oracle that she would be ruined if she got married, so she didn’t want to marry but was pressured to do so by her father. To placate him, Atalanta said she would only marry a man who could beat her in a race. But if she won the race, she would kill the man who lost.

Many men came and raced her. She easily beat them all killing them one after the other. Then Hippomenes came to race Atalanta, and they fell in love. She begged him not to race her, because then she’d have to kill him, but he was determined to marry her. Hippomenes prayed to Aphrodite to help him win, and she told him how to win with three golden apples that she gave him.

During the race, Hippomenes threw down a golden apple from time to time. Distracted by the glitter of gold, Atalanta stopped to pick them up, and so Hippomenes was able to win the race and marry her.

Now switch out golden apples with golden apple pies. The moral to this story. Don’t pick up the fork and win your race to a healthier you in 2021.

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