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Another Lucid Moment

by admin

60 seconds of clarity

Locked down with only memories for company. And two chihuahuas. An occasional trip to the planet Zoom to facetime with fam and friends. Outside, the world has lost its collective mind. Is this the dark side of the moon? Yet each passing day, the sun rises. Inside, the only escape is into the cathedral of the mind to stand at the entrance, staring down the long hallways of life experiences made over the past 60+ years. I tremble with anticipation. Will I be mortified, or will I find solace? Are there issues that need to be resolved, or since left alone are no more. Revelation…it’s the 5 senses. Am I looking with eyes wide shut or stopping often enough to smell the roses or savor the rich, robust texture and taste of a fine red wine. While it’s time to go, there is recognition that this is love because this is the life that I chose. Would I do it again? No. Life is like the Titanic. No matter how many times the story is told, the ending will always be the same.
I am who I am.

Now where the heck are those two chihuahuas?


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