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M is for menopause

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That life-changing time for a woman marked by irritability, uncontrollable crying, hot flashes, night sweats, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease. Something to look forward to starting at the age of 50ish?

Actually yes.

If we know early, what to expect, we can choose to take the necessary steps to make the right lifestyle changes. My interest in menopause began the day I realized that I was well into this life-changing period. It was so not on the proverbial radar. Yet here it was and I had to act quickly to put in motion a plan to survive what could possibly be a 10-year roller coaster ride of physical and emotional crazy.

Not being a pill-popper and possessing a very strong dislike for needles, hormone replacement was not a viable option. Also, having spent the majority of pre-menopause life as a self-prescribe professional dieter, the eating part was under control, at least for the time being. But what about those other aspects that one hears about?

…the aha moment was diet alone was not the answer…

Traditionally, women of color treat the transition through menopause as a regular part of life and therefore less likely to make changes. Needing to know what I was facing and what tools were needed to get through the journey, there was only one place to turn where knowledge is power– Google. With the help of Google, the aha moment was diet alone was not the answer, but a complete lifestyle change was needed if a post-menopause life with quality was to be realized.

Making lifestyle choices for me

How is this possible you may ask since I’m part of a population that is doomed to disease at this life stage. Yes, the stats aren’t pretty. What’s even more challenging is the higher risk factors that come into play for women of color once we’ve gone through menopause.  But the first choice that I made was to not let these stats define me and the type of life that I know I deserve.

I’m making lifestyle choices that put me first and will go a long way towards helping me have a long life and one that has quality because it is free from disease and pills.

So simply put, I choose not to buy into what the so-called “norm” is, instead deciding to choose a lifestyle that is more in line with how our ancestors live. These choices include eating more organically and to engage in physical activity. I choose to have relationships that matter and to practice gratitude. I choose to look for reasons to smile, I choose to take time for myself, I choose to say yes to me and I choose to appreciate life’s magical moments.

This is my dream. Well actually, it’s my celebration of life’s OH moments. It wasn’t until I started living what I call my 3rd childhood at the age of 55 that I started realizing and more importantly, appreciating all those special moments that got me to where I am with myself today.

Welcome to OrganicOh!!!

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Most hot flashes are triggered by our diet. Instead of reaching for those sweet or salty snacks which will have a double whammy on the waistline, think heart-healthy foods. Replacing processed foods, starches and sweets with fresh vegetables and lean meat or Omega-3 rich fish such as salmon will lessen if not eliminate these symptoms.

A perfect pairing is roasting chicken breast or thighs, with a colorful mixture of vegetables such as broccoli, peppers (red, green and yellow) sweet potato and carrots.

For extra flavor, marinate the chicken in your favorite mixture.

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