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“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.” 
— Maya Angelou

Remember when 30 seemed ancient? It was the threshold to adulthood. Then came 40 and it was time to take inventory and revisit your life plan. At 50 you become comfortable with your who, because now you have the time to focus on yourself. Fifty is the time frame that’s spent preparing for the big unveiling of the phenomenal woman who has patiently waited for her turn.

It’s time to thrive!!! 60 is all about you.

We asked these women to share their thoughts on what it means to be past 60, why they felt they are living their best lives now, what are the top three bucket list items for them for 2021 and when was the last time that they were genuinely surprised since turning 60. While all of their experiences are different, they all have one thing in common. Celebrating women who are living life on their terms…unapologetically.

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Lorraine Vega – 65

Irma Williams-Bradley – 60ish

Diana Harris Onweh – 62

Joan Carol Demeter – 72

Lorraine Vega – 65

Being 60+ means embracing the realities and possibilities of life and leveraging them with new experiences and life lessons. Today, I am grateful for the life and actions I choose every day and do so remembering those who contributed to the journey- familia, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.   This is my time to continue to embrace my potentials and dreams! 

2021 is an opportunity to engage in activities that bring joy, provide benefit, and stretch my thinking. Manifestation of this new era will be evident through household simplification, innovative engagement, and adventures through travel and new experiences.  

The last time that I was truly surprised was a “rewirement” surprise party hosted by my three adult children. The guests were those who were considered to be people who would accompany me throughout the rest of my life’s journey.  The criteria they selected were based on years of stories, conversations, engagements and a few well-placed questions which clueless “me” answered. They nailed it!  “Who knew that they know me better than I think and that they really do listen?”.  

Irma Williams-Bradley – 60ish

Being sixty means discount, discount and respect. There’s also the heavenly compliment when someone states “you do not look like you’re are 60+.” My best life comes with knowing who I am, what is important to me today and still have a decent golf swing to take money from men on a golf outing.

Getting past 1/20/2021 with a new president, no need for travel at this time, I did some fabulous trips in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. I’ll get back to my bucket list after the pandemic has cleared the air. The last time I was genuinely surprised was when my husband signed on the dotted line to build a brand new home. Like wow!

Diana Harris Onweh – 62

Being 60+ means being grateful for all the experiences and lessons of this life’s journey. I truly appreciate this phase of my life, and all that I have learned about myself and my connection to the Universe. I’m still learning and growing!

I have always tried to live my best life in every phase and moment, and it continues to get better. The more I learn, the better life is. There is no ‘best’ because there is no limit to how good it can be!

My top 3 bucket list items for 2021 are: 1. Reclaim perfect and divine health by consistently making healthy choices and taking action. 2. Keep my heart soft and stay open to love, by loving and accepting myself every day. 3. Continue to work toward increased financial strength and independence.

The last time I was genuinely surprised was two-plus years ago as I was turning 60. I pretty much freaked out, and that shocked me because getting older had never been an issue for me. I think because my mother passed away at age 67, I felt like my journey might be shorter than desired. With the help of the book, ‘I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years’, I returned to feeling empowered about my future and looking forward to all the new experiences that lie ahead.

Joan Carol Demeter – 72

Sixty meant being ready to act on what you desire and still physically able to do while you still can. I’m living my best life because I have learned to be at peace with what is at hand while simultaneously open to hope and dreams for my future.
My top 3 bucket list items for 2021 are to declutter, loose quarantine 15 pounds, memorize 72 (my age) scriptures current count at 50.
The last time I was genuinely surprised was my deliverance from smoking cigarettes and marijuana – all from reciting scripture.

Photo Credit: Ava Brock, granddaughter

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